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A professional copy edit of your thesis, dissertation, or scholarly article can eliminate style errors and save you time meeting university or journal format requirements.


Clear, consistent, and polished language can elevate your business documents, from reports and presentations to training materials, client deliverables, and online content.


Copy editing and proofreading are important steps in the production of any book, textbook, magazine, journal, or other publication, electronic or in print.

Academic writing must often meet very specific standards for format and style. If you’re writing a thesis, dissertation, or scholarly article, I can help you with copy editing or formatting to meet the requirements for submission. I also frequently assist non-native English speakers who need to prepare articles in US English.

Clarity, coherence, and consistency are valuable in written business communication, whether you are reaching out to the public, delivering a polished product to clients, or communicating internally with colleagues. I offer quick and reliable services at the copy editing or substantive editing levels to help your writing speak to readers most effectively.

My 20 years of experience as a freelance editor includes work for textbook and trade book packagers, small independent publishers, academic journals, and online and print magazines, among others. If you’re a publisher seeking freelancers, I’m happy to learn and work with your preferred house style and processes.

If you’re an author publishing your own work (fiction or nonfiction, print or online), I can help polish or double-check the text through copy editing or proofreading before you release it to readers.